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  • Posted On: 2020-06-07
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Sözen Construction Offers Unique Living Spaces with its New Housing Project

Sözen Construction has launched a new residential project that offers luxury and modern living spaces to its customers. The project draws attention with its location close to the city center and quality design.

  • Posted On: 2019-04-23
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Sözen Construction Sets an Example with Environmentalist Construction Projects

Sözen Construction develops environmentally friendly construction projects by adopting the principles of environmental awareness and sustainability. The company takes a leading role in building energy efficient buildings that promote the use of green energy sources.

  • Posted On: 2013-01-07
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Sözen Construction Makes a Difference in the Sector with its New Project

One of the leading companies in the construction sector, Sözen ?n?aat is signing off on an exciting new project. Known for its experience and successful projects in the sector for many years, Sözen Construction continues to make a difference in the construction sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction.