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  • 2013-01-07
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Sözen Construction's new project stands out with its modern design and quality workmanship. The project is located close to the city center and easily accessible to the transportation network. The buildings, which offer high living standards and are built with an environmentally sensitive approach, draw attention with their aesthetic appearance.

Company officials, in their statement about the project, said, "As Sözen Construction, we aim to offer our customers a quality and safe living space. With this new project, we will offer our residents a comfortable and comfortable life by reflecting the modern architectural understanding in the best way possible."

The new project of Sözen ?n?aat also includes social facilities such as large green areas, sports fields and children's playgrounds. Thus, residents will have an environment where they can lead a pleasant and active life.

Providing information about the completion process of the project, Sözen Construction officials said, "We are moving forward with an intense work pace and we are working meticulously to complete the project on time. Our most important priority is to provide the best quality to our customers and to ensure that there is no disruption in the delivery process."

Those who are interested in Sözen Construction's new project can find more information on the company website or contact the authorities.

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