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Correctly planned and executed excavation works are of great importance for the successful completion of any project in the construction industry. Excavation involves various operations such as excavating and leveling a construction site, excavating foundations or demolishing existing structures. In construction projects, excavation is one of the fundamental steps and forms the basis of all other construction activities.

Then, the excavation operations begin. Excavation is the process of removing layers of soil or rock. At this stage, the soil layers are carefully excavated and transported with excavation equipment. The excavation process may vary depending on factors such as the foundation depth of the project, the laying of sewer or water pipes.

Careful planning and coordination is required during excavation operations. Issues such as occupational safety, landscaping and environmental awareness should be considered. It is also important to properly transport, recycle or dispose of the materials removed during excavation.

Hafriyat is a critical step in building solid foundations in construction projects. Performed correctly, it makes the construction process easier and helps the project to be completed successfully. The correct planning and implementation of the excavation ensures the formation of quality and reliable structures in the construction industry.