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Here are some important factors for Sözen Construction or any construction company:

  1. Technical Knowledge and Experience: The fundamental requirement for success in the construction sector is having employees with extensive technical knowledge and experience. Construction projects involve complex and detailed processes, so having a strong technical background is crucial.

  2. Financial Strength: The construction industry is capital-intensive. Having sufficient financial strength is necessary for financing projects, purchasing materials, covering labor costs, and other expenses. Companies like Sözen Construction should have a solid financial foundation and be able to manage adequate financial resources to complete projects.

  3. Qualified Workforce: Construction projects require a specialized workforce. Construction firms should have qualified personnel such as engineers, architects, technicians, and experienced workers. A good team ensures the successful completion of projects.

  4. Effective Supply Chain Management: Timely and accurate procurement of materials and equipment is crucial in construction projects. Effective supply chain management minimizes factors that affect project progress and keeps costs under control.

  5. Quality Control and Safety: Quality control and safety measures are vital in construction projects. Companies like Sözen Construction must maintain quality standards and comply with occupational health and safety requirements. This ensures that the work is done correctly and that employees are safe.

  6. Good Project Management: Construction projects often involve multiple stages and require complex organization. Good project management ensures the efficient use of resources, tracks processes, and completes projects within budget and time limits.